More Than Just Robots

It's the Next Best Thing to a Business Degree in High School

Real World Skills for Real World Challenges

Students acquire real world skills, beyond just the realm of robots. Whether it is learning to work as a team, soldering for the first time, or working on project management, students get exposed to an unheard of spectrum of skills.

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robot logic board wiring

Too often, students get caught up in the theoretical world without considering practical applications. Our solution? Give the theoretical world a physical form. Students now have an application for topics such as physics, electricity, and programming. In addition, they can discover skills never even introduced in the classroom. Topics such as graphic design, project management, and marketing are now completely accessible to students.

Students have a unique opportunity, to run what is essentially a business. Students enter the workforce knowing how to innovate, solve complex problems and work as a team alongside adults. It’s the closest thing to a business degree you can achieve in high school.

Lather, Soak, Rinse and Repeat

Our team is managed by students and supervised by mentors from business leaders all over the county. The management team reboots each year. Senior students train their successors, everyone gets a chance to slide in to new roles and get out of their comfort zone. Every year is a fresh start with new faces, responsibilities and challenges. Isn't that what running a business is all about?

Etowah Electric Eagles Corporation is a registered 501(c)3, non-profit organization in the state of Georgia.

Learn Essential Skills

These are some of the applications, platforms or technologies we use.

Design & Engineering
Operations & Marketing
Programming & Wiring