Everyone Has A Place In Our FIRST Community

It's Time To Find Yours


Dust off of your old tools, it's time to get your hands dirty. We use a wide assortment of tools and equipment, ranging from screwdrivers to cordless tools, belt sanders to bench drills. Engineers are the true pioneers of our team, testing new and wild ideas, and figuring out what works and what doesn't.


Do you have your own flow or you're a "teach-it-to-yourself" kinda guy? Programming might be the place for you! We use Java for designing and testing the Teleop-Control software for the robot and its autonomous systems. You'll work closely with the engineering and electrical teams to bring the robot to life!


So you're a bit conflicted. Both Engineering and Programming sound it's too much fun to pass up. You sound like you'd fit nicely in Electrical. We are the glue that keeps engineers and programmers together. Get an opportunity to learn low voltage wiring, connectors, crimping & soldering. A single wire can disable the robot. The quality of your work determines if our robot works or stalls, and during competition.

Marketing & Outreach

Here's to the Artists, the Poets, and the Orators! It would be nigh impossible to keep an operation like this running without people like you. You're the backbone of our team, the fund-gatherers, and sponsor-seekers. You're the ones that get our name and mission statement into the open air, and a significant player in our continued existence.