Etowah Electric Eagles

Cherokee County's Only Robotics Team

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Our goal is to provide students with a unique opportunity to learn technical skills in a business setting. From organization, design, engineering, safety, accounting, marketing and outreach, our team is a real business with a management team and real challenges that go with it. During competitions, we learn strategy, partnerships and we drive hard to win while maintaining gracious professionalism.

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First Robotics Interact Club
This program trains our next generation of entrepreneurs and engineers. It introduces students to the challenges of starting, managing and sustaining a viable business. It provides hands-on skills that are essential for success.Alexander Cua Lexis Coatings
This team develops skills not only in engineering but marketing, administration and accounting, all while promoting the education goals of STEM. They’ve built the operating structure of a company and are using it to teach business.Gary Holcombe Horizon Planning Group
The robotics team prepares students for the real world because it functions like a real company. Each member has a separate and distinct role that’s essential to the success of the group. It provides practical business and technical experience in a fun package and gives them a bright future.David Elder Auto Image Collision